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Lots of healthy ingredients, and yummy, too. All ingredients amounts are approximate; try varying the amounts to get it the way you like. This has the optional spirulina in it; it's a lot purple...ier (and more appealing) without spirulina.

wild blueberry coconut milk walnut smoothie

2-3 oz. frozen wild blueberries

2 oz. coconut milk (the brand I like is Thai Kitchens, in a can, not the ones in the soy milk section of the store)

handful of raw walnuts

1 banana

a little spring water to get it to blend

Blend all of these; if you don't blend too long, you'll still have a little crunch from the walnuts.


about 1/8 - 1 tsp spirulina powder (This is really going to make a less attractive smoothie, so follow your preference on this.)

1 tsp coconut oil

Blend very quickly to mix these in.

Top with cruched walnuts and a little coconut milk.

Some of the better quality coconut milks will separate and part will solidify. You can put the can in a bowl of warm water, and it will all turn back to liquid, and stay that way, even in the refrigerator. It's easier to do this before you open the can.




























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