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 Ever wonder what kind of clothes washers Porsche would make? If you take a look at some of the ultra energy efficient models available, you might think the brilliant engineering used on state of the art washers is similar to the best automotive engineering.


Bray and Scarff carries a brand from New Zealand called Fisher & Paykel. Their "ecosmart" line is very advanced. Their GWL11 claims to be the most energy efficient top loading washer in America. It was rated a "Best Buy" by Consumers Digest. It's rated to use only 217 kWh per year. According to the EPA, some washers use as much as 1298 kWh/year. It uses a 1000 rpm spin to save both time and energy. It also has a 300 rpm spin for delicate fabrics. It's available in both gas and electric models. About $630.




Another efficient manufacturer is Asko from Sweden. Their W6461 uses only 133 kWh/year. It lets you select water temperatures from 85-205 degrees. It has an option of a quick wash cycle that only takes 35 minutes. Ten other programs are available to handle different cleaning needs. About $1,500 at Bray and Scarff.

Sewing Machines & Vacuums Unlimited in Rockville carries Miele from Germany. All Miele clothes washers sold in North America are EPA ENERGY STAR rated. The Miele W1113 uses only 113 kWh/year. Features include a 24 delay start, 9 wash programs and self diagnostics. It can be stacked with Miele dryers for tight closets. About $1,650.

Best Buy carries Siemens, a German company. Their WFXD5200UC uses only 186 kWh/year. They claim that it is extra quiet (60 decibels). About $1,100.

If you appreciate great engineering, and want to do the best you can for the environment, these new designs from some of the smaller specialty companies are a great way to go.




July 2005,  modified Oct. 2006



Here's some of the more efficient washers, according to the government's ENERGY STAR site:


Manufacturer Model KWH/year
Miele   W1113   113  
Miele   W1119   113  
Frigidaire   FTF530F   126  
Frigidaire   LTF530F   126  
Miele   W1203   127  
Miele   W1213   127  
Miele   W1215   127  
Asko   W6461   127  
Asko   W6222   129  
LG Electronics   WD-327*RHD   140  

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