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Big Salad with Curried Tempeh





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salad with curried tempeh

This turned out WAY better than I expected. it's great if you or any of your dinner guests say they can't fill up on vegan foods. The tempeh makes it a meal. This is way better than those overpriced salads they sell at mcdonalds, with the meat in them.

Just cut tempeh into slices about 1/4 inch thick. Be sure to use organic tempeh to avoid GMOs. And I'd avoid the Light Life Garden Veggie Tempeh, because it has hidden MSG in it (yeast extract). But their soy or three grain variety is fine. Pan fry it in a little oil. Sprinkle curry powder on the top of the tempeh. There's only one curry powder or curry saouce that I've found that I like: it's Arora Creations Gobi Cauliflower Spice Blend. It's hard to find; Whole Foods discontinued it, but you may find it at Mom's Organic Market.

Then when you flip them over in the frying pan, sprinkle powder on the other side.

Make your salad, put on your favorite vegan dressing. This is one I like. Cut your curried tempeh into nice bite size pieces and put on your salad.

























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