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Stress Reducers and Coping Techniques


Here's some ideas for handling stress. Originally developed for kids and teens, most of these are good ideas for anyone of any age.

Eat right

Get enough sleep and rest

Set priorities: do the most important things first

Organize your work and your desk so that you can find whatever you need.

Talk about your problems with someone you trust.

Find ways to relax without smoking or using other drugs

Get physical. cycling, roller skating, swimming

Make a list of things you like to do (renting a video, listening to music, reading). When you are feeling stressed out pick one and do it.

LAUGH! Rent a funny video, share a joke with a friend, goof off.

Go to your favorite place. just be there and enjoy it.

Write a poem or song or write in your diary about how you feel.

Ask yourself "Will it matter in five years?"

Meditate. Do yoga, tai chi or deep breathing exercises.

Take time-out - go for a walk or take a long shower if you need to relax or calm down.

Volunteer to help someone less fortunate than yourself.

Curl up with your cat, talk to your fish or play with your dog.

Spend an active day outdoors: hiking, cycling, roller skating, boating or skiing.

Dance to music that you like.

Do something fun and novel with your family or friends.

Learn to accept what you cannot change.

Practice active listing, use "I" messages, and develop a positive attitude.



Adapted from Inova Healthsource info