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Hyundai has introduced a hybrid version of the Sonata. It's got some interesting firsts:

Hyundai Sonata hybrid

photo: Hyundai

The battery is lighter. It uses a newer generation chemistry than other hybrids. This battery, called a lithium polymer battery, takes up less space than previous designs, giving more cargo space.

Generally, hybrids use a continuously variable transmission (CVT). While these usually help fuel economy, a car using a CVT won't have the distinct shifts that a lot of people like. The Sonata has a conventional six speed automatic transmission.

The Sonata's two direct competitors are the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Toyota Camry Hybrid. The sonata has significantly more power than these two, with a total of 206 HP. Combined with very sport looks, the Sonata will appeal to some people that think hybrids are boring.

But how's the economy? It's a very impressive 35 city and 40 highway. According to the EPA's site, this car would save about $3900, compared to the regular Sonata, in the first six years. And that's using the sites $3.79 per gallon of gas figure, which we are not likely to see over the next few years.

Overall, Hyundai has done a good job on this car. It's tough to compete with Toyota on Hybrids, but this new Sonata is definitely one to take a look at.












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