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Solar power can be a little confusing. But there are some good resources for the average Joe on the internet:


Real Goods has been around a long time selling solar products for consumers. Of all the books on the market oriented toward the beginner, their Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook is one of the best. You can sign up for their newsletter to keep up to date. Their Solar Living Center in Hopland, CA is one of the best places to visit to learn about solar.

Find Solar is a good central website to help you find a contractor and make some rough estimates of costs.

The Solar Electric House by Steven Strong is considered the best book available to help you plan a system for your home.

The American Solar Energy Society promotes solar in the US. They publish Solar Today Magazine, which is excellent.

Energy Star is a great place to learn about energy efficient appliances, as well as things like programmable thermostats and compact fluorescent light bulbs. They also have a criteria for new home construction, with resources to help build an Energy Star home, including approved contractors.














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