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How to Save
$100 Each Year with a Programmable Thermostat





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Programmable thermostats let your furnace or AC take a break when you're gone all day; then get your home cozy just before you return. They can automatically turn the temperature back at bedtime and save a little more energy.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has established criteria for programmable thermostats with it's ENERGY STAR program. By looking for the ENERGY STAR logo, you should be getting a good one.

But there's a pretty wide range of models available. If you don't want to spend a lot, you can get a basic one for as little as about $30, like the Hunter®
5 + 2 Day Programmable Thermostat ENERGY STAR® (Model: 44110) available at Lowes. It has basic programmability, and has an override feature for vacations or times when you just want a different temperature.

If you want a deluxe model, Honeywell offers premium models in the $100 range. They have a nice big green backlit display. You can set a different program for all seven days of the week. You can find Honeywell thermostats at Home Depot stores or order via the Home Depot website.


Installation is fairly simple. color coded low voltage wires are what make the connection to your furnace and AC.

Enjoy your savings; the EPA says it can be as much as about $100 each year.














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