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(Price Comparisons)


Here's a few price comparisons to try to help people get a sense of where to try shopping and help save a little money. Times are tight; we all gotta stick together!

(Except as noted, prices reflect the regular price and do not reflect any sales prices in effect at the time to give a better picture of typical saving on any given day.)

Depend Underwear ( Super Plus Absorbency)

Giant $14.99 (12-11-03)

CVS 13.49 (12-11-03) (has since come down to $12.99 12-26-03)

KMart 11.99 (12-20-03) (did not have good selection of sizes)


Gasoline (Regular grade; 87 octane)

BP 7101 Columbia Pike, Annandale $1.639 / gallon (12-20-03)

Annandale Service Center, 7029 Columbia Pike, Annandale $1.449 / gallon (12-20-03)


Kellogg's Complete Wheat Bran Flakes cereal (17.3 oz.)

Giant $4.79 (12-26-03)

Shoppers Food Warehouse $3.59 (12-26-03)


Boca Burger "All American Flame Grilled" variety (pkg. of 4)

Giant $3.99 (12-26-03)

Shoppers Food Warehouse $3.19 (12-26-03)


Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Harvest 7 Grain Bread (24 oz.)

Giant $2.89 (12-26-03)

Shoppers Food Warehouse $2.60 (12-26-03)


Dole Classic Iceberg Salad (1 lb.)

Giant $2.29 (12-26-03)

Shoppers Food Warehouse $1.97 (12-26-03)


Canned Apricot Halves packed in Juice

Giant (Giant Super G brand) $1.39 (on sale for $1.18 w/ bonus card)

Shoppers Food Warehouse doesn't seem to have any canned apricots in store checked. This is a consideration in discount stores. Prices are great, but selection can be limited. This can mean a trip to a second store. Also, you have to bag your own groceries and there don't seem to be self scan lanes (at least at the two stores checked). Self scan lanes can be a great help when you're in a hurry.


Enzymatic Therapy brand "Doctor's Choice Eye Formula" dietary supplement 90 tablets

Vitamin Shoppe (Bailey's Cross Roads) $26.21 (1-19-04)

Whole Foods Market (Annandale) $34.99 (1-19-04)



Giant 59 cents/pound (1-23-04)

Shoppers Food Warehouse 3 pounds/$1.00 (1-23-04)

more to come as time permits























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