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Escape Hybrid Wins 2005 North American Truck of the Year

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Actor Chevy Chase purchases Ford Hybrid Escape

Mercury has released the hybrid version of the Mariner. Mercury hopes to get people to reserve them over the internet. On something as important as a car, it definitely seems better to visit a dealer and test drive what you're interested in. As this is almost identical to the Ford Escape Hybrid, the Ford makes much more sense. The Escapes should be in stock in the DC area, and the dealers are familiar with them by now.

Originally the Mariner Hybrid was scheduled to be brought out as a 2007 model, but Ford plans on producing it later in 2005. It will be very similar to the Ford Escape Hybrid. It should use the same 2.3 liter Duratec four cylinder engine combined with an electric motor. The Mariner should be available in either 2WD or 4WD versions.

"Hybrid technology is a very strong fit for the Mercury brand," says Darryl Hazel, president, Lincoln Mercury. 


Ford executive vice presidents Jim Padilla said "we will continue to develop all of our hybrids in-house, including core research,"   and president of The Americas. "The experience weve gained developing the Escape Hybrid gives us a huge advantage over most of the industry, and its a lead we intend to continue."

Apparently, the Mercury division only intends to build about 2,000 hybrids for the 2006 model year.


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