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Interview with Lynda Carter of Alive and Raw

Let's start with the most important question. Since your name is Lynda Carter, do people call you Wonder Woman?

Yes, they always joke and call me Wonder Woman, especially after they taste what I do with raw foods.


What is a raw food diet?

A raw food diet is a diet of Live enzyme foods that have not been heated over 105 degrees. It usually is vegan foods, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, the foods one would have found in the Garden of Eden.


How long have you been eating a raw food diet?

This July 17th made five years for me to be living on the Live Food diet.


If you don't mind saying, did you lose any weight when you started eating raw foods? If so, how much?

Oh Yes, I lost 110 pounds when I began eating live food. I was quite obese.


What benefits did you notice when you started this lifestyle?

The best benefit is: I was a twice a day insulin dependent diabetic when I began the live food diet. Today I am free of insulin and all other medications. Today I am free of all medications, and I feel younger.


In your experience, do you find people notice an improvement in their appearance, such as their skin, on this diet?

Indeed you can almost look at a person's skin, eyes and general appearance and see the luster in their eyes and glow in their skin. I remember having pander eyes since I was very young. Today the dark circles around my eyes are gone.

I also know of two other people that no longer shed skin. They both suffered from  scaly skin shedding daily. After two weeks of live food their skin stopped shedding. I know of two men with MS, one was wheel chair bound and the other was loosing control of his body's motor control. They are both healthy and vibrant today; living on live foods. Live foods rebuild our cells. The enzyme enriched foods are our life force. Lorraine Day, and Rev. George Malkmus were both cured of cancer. Live food is the universe's gift to men.


For someone who's new to this, what are some easy, tasty meals to prepare?

If someone is new to Live Foods. I would recommend they join a group for support. There are several on line groups; is a DC, MD, based group. The members are very friendly and helpful. They hold monthly pot lucks and Elaine Fells, and Dr. Sunyatta Amen host the site, offering information, trips and so much more. The Bush Medicine Show hosted by Dr. Amen on WPFW is a sponsor for the Live Food movement. This show highlights people in the raw food movement and health issues we need to be aware of. is another great group for beginners.

David Cohen (you can check out David Cohen's list of raw, vegan resources in the area at - editor) is a a great pot luck host and the longest standing group in the area. This group, run by David Cohen and Steve Seuer, offers a complete line up of events and classes in the area.

Also, The Blessed Raw Deal.

For someone new to live food preparation there are a few very easy recipes on Alive and Raw also offers a variety of live food prep classes. From easy to gourmet, they also now have 5 easy to follow raw food recipe booklets, each selling for $8.00 each. Classes are available in and around the DC area and in Petersburg, VA. Alive and Raw offers classes everywhere. We will travel to you.

Next year we are offering a one week Master Certification Course, that will offer detoxification, and complete hands on live food preparation course and certification. This course will be administrated by Lynda Carter C. N. C.  and Master Raw Food Chef and Master Gardener. Everyone attending is guaranteed a week full of Laughter, Love and knowledge.


Do you think more people are interested in raw food diets these days.

Yes, there seems to be a surge of people interested in improving their health. This creates interest in Live Foods. Even the Cancer society is suggesting 5 fruits and vegetables daily.


Please tell us about your Alive and Raw group.

Alive and Raw is a high energy group dedicated to healing the world one kitchen at a time. We teach live food classes, offer catering  and consult with those seeking a natural healing.

Are there any Alive and Raw activities people can attend?

Alive and Raw will host an Entertainment in the Raw class in Alexandria, VA and at Everlasting Life in Capitol Heights, MD. 
We post weekly menu's via e-mails. You can contact aliveandraw@aol or call 804-863-0635 or 804 943-2381 for the week's specials.


I understand you come up to DC and that you sell food. How can people find you?

Pick up for this food is usually on Ave H and 14th St. You must pre- order  and depending on where you live, your delivery will be arranged. This service offers large portions to keep you raw thru the week. Example: some of our weekly Specials we are offering are: Live Pizza, The Best Sweet Potato Pie, Bar B Q. Balls, Spicy Veggie balls, Vegan Omlets.


Any interesting things coming up in the next year or so people might be interested in?

We will celebrate Thanksgiving with a Live Thanksgiving in the DC, MD, area. Please book early as we plan to feed you well.


In the DC area, could you recommend any restaurants for people who'd like to try some raw meals?

There are no actual Live Food restaurants in the area are, however the two restaurants I have listed offer a few live food dishes:

Everlasting Life 2928 Georgia Ave, 202 232-1700

& Secrets of Nature at 3923 South Capitol St. 202 636-3774

Also MOM's offers packaged live foods (by Live Chef Denzel).


Any final thoughts?

Yes, My final thought is that if your not eating live foods start today eliminate processed foods from your diet. Just add live foods a little every day. This is the only way to a healthy life style. I am grateful that I have found Live foods. You will be too.


Thank you so much for your time!




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Lynda Carter is a Certified Nutritional Consultant in Petersburg, VA and offers 2-Day Workshops and Raw Food Preparation Classes.




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