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Inada Massage Chair 


You can't walk into a department store or an "expensive electronics gadget store" anymore without tripping over a massage chair. Everybody's selling them.

But the company that deserves credit for these is Inada of Japan. The i.1.alpha.A represents the culmination of refining the massage chair concept since 1971, when Inada's first model came out.

When you start the massage chair, it "scans" your body by running rollers up and down your back. This determines where acupressure points are for you. Everybody's body will be different, so the chair needs to figure this out for your unique body structure.

A lot of chairs feel like they're are doing something, but you're not quite sure if you like it. The Inada is much more refined. It seems to gradually loosen your muscles up, then progressively use more sophisticated motion to really work those muscles. About fifteen minutes into the massage, you really do feel a lot better. And it's all done without any uncomfortable motions.

Please note: the i.1.alpha.A is available with a synthetic leather upholstery. Other models from Inada use real leather, so please be sure to get the i.1.alpha.A and avoid leather.

You can get a free DVD to learn more about Inada's chairs at their website.




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