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The information below pertains to the 2006-2011 model. For 2012, the Civic Hybrid has been redesigned; see information here.

The second generation Honda Civic Hybrid has the great qualities of the previous version, with some significant improvements.


all images courtesy Honda


It's restyled, with a more streamlined, European look. The car is slightly larger, with about a three inch longer wheelbase.




The hybrid system is greatly improved, yielding about a 18% increase in power, but with a slight improvement in economy.

The hybrid system is "smarter". By using a more sophisticated version of Honda's variable valve timing (VTEC) design, the hybrid system can give optimal power and fuel efficiency across a wider range of speeds.




The Civic Hybrid buyer has some new features. In it's "plain" form, it delivers what hybrid buyers want most: outstanding fuel economy and extremely low levels of emissions. But if you want a more enhanced car, you can get Honda's Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition (optional).

A new 160 watt stereo is standard.

Many of the new features are standard equipment. One of the most important are active head restraints. These automatically position themselves for optimum protection of the front occupant's heads in an accident. They've been found to greatly reduce whiplash injuries. They should be on all new cars, buy aren't, unfortunately. Daytime running lights are now included as standard equipment.

The air conditioner features a hybrid compressor unit powered by either the engine, an electric motor, or both. When the engine is in Idle Stop mode, the motor powers a small compressor. If rapid cooling is required, an additional compressor powered by the engine engages also. When the interior temperature is stable, air conditioning is provided by the motor alone for both improved comfort and fuel savings. Automatic Climate Control is also included on the hybrid version of the Civic.

Some others goodies include a high tech drive by wire throttle system (like in jet fighters). Blue backlit gauges give a very fresh look. Anti lock brakes are standard. Honda has incorporated their ACE structural design into the Civic Hybrid. This channels energy in the event of a frontal impact to control and disperse the energy.

Now the tires have a wider, lower profile aspect ratio: a sporty P195 / 65 R15.

All in all, much of the improvements are under the skin, as they should be. The new Civic Hybrid has evolved from an already great car to an even higher level of engineering excellence. While they may be hard to get at first, they may be the best choice for someone interested in a hybrid.






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