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OK, smarty pants. How much do you think you know about hybrids? Are you ready to hold your own at the next office party where all the computer geeks show up and start talking tech?


Once you think you know the answer, mouse over Mr. Happy Green Environmental Man after "answer" for the real answer.


1. Does Toyota make a hybrid that is not for sale in the US?

answer: Yep, 2 actually. The Estima and Alphard vans, sold in Japan.   learn more learn even more


2. What is the meaning of the name Prius?

answer: It's Latin for "to go before". See, now you know some Latin.


3. The Ford Escape Hybrid is a 4WD, yes or no?

answer: Yes and no. It's available as a front wheel drive or 4WD.


4. What year did the Prius go on sale?

answer: Trick question! In Japan, it went on sale in 1997. See, you're not so smart!


5. How many batteries are in a Ford Escape Hybrid's hybrid system?

answer: 250 D cell size nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. That's a lot of batteries!


6. Do any billionaires own a hybrid?

answer: Larry Page, co-founder of Google owns a Prius (and is worth 6 billion bucks).


7. Is there such a thing as a hybrid mass transit bus?

answer: Yes, actually several cities use them, including Seattle and New York City.

8. Political correctness is the mark of a true gentleman or lady in 2005. What is the plural form of "Prius"?

answer: Actually, Toyota doesn't have an official way to say the plural form. They seem to enjoy seeing us struggle with "Priuses" or "Prii"!


10. What happened to question 9?

answer:  Mr. Happy Green Environmental Man ate it, so you get credit for #9.


11. Penelope wants to drive from New York City to Washington, DC and back (about 450 miles)  in her new Honda Civic Hybrid. If she starts with a full tank of gas, how many times will she need to refill the tank?

answer:  None, the Civic Hybrid gets about 650 miles on a tank. Wow!


12. Some hybrids are designated AT-PZEV. What the heck does that stand for?

answer: Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle


13. What Japanese manufacturer has licensed hybrid technology from Toyota?

answer: Nissan, who will use it in the hybrid version of the Altima.



What's the best hybrid?

answer: Hey, ya' gotta figure that one out for yorself!

























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