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Local Environmental Resources

Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment (ACE)

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Earth Sangha is a local Buddhist organization which cultivates more than just a peaceful mind. But you don't need to be Buddhist to participate. They cultivate native plants, including trees and shrubs in an effort to restore the native balance of plants. They distribute these species free of charge. You can volunteer your time at their nursery, a great opportunity to learn, connect with the natural world, and be doing works of service for the Earth.

EcoStewards Alliance is a good group to join to learn about simple living.

Sierra Club: The Washington, DC Chapter

Friends of the Rappahanock (Fredericksburg area)

University Programs:

The Georgetown University Center for the Environment

The GW Green University Initiative

University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES)


If you live in Montgomery County, be sure to watch The Greenman Show on County Cable Montgomery. If you're not in Montgomery County, you can watch the show online (check the schedule on the website).

Hybrid cars are really taking off. Toyota, Honda, GM, Dodge and Ford sell them, with Lexus, Nissan, Mazda. Mercedes-Benz, Mercury and Saturn having them in the works. There should be about 22 models available by 2007! The savings on fuel, possible high resale value, Federal tax credits, special HOV privileges, in addition the the good karma earned, make them well worth considering. Please visit the hybrid section

Community Forklift recovers and reuses  salvaged or surplus building materials. Typical surplus and salvaged products include doors, windows, lumber, masonry, plumbing & electrical fixtures, finishes, and hardware.

Keep It Green Computer Recycling can safely rid you of old computer equipment.

You can pick up postage paid mailers to send used inkjet cartridges in for recycling at Best Buy stores.

There's a lot on non-profit environmental groups in the DC area. They can be a great place to work or volunteer. You can find some on this list of non-profit groups.

Earth friendly landscaping is available from American Plant Food Garden Center and Nursery

Earth Day  Photos of Earth Day 2004 events  Also, check out these photos of a Hybrid Car Parade at the Capitol on Independence Day 2004. Earth Day is a perfect time to raise awareness of the benefits of hybrid vehicles. If you have a hybrid, you can check for local hybrid and Prius groups and form your own parade.





















 Buying Wind and Renewable Electricity in the DC Area

Hybrid cars

Hybrid News

Take the hybrid quiz




You can host a showing of "The End of Suburbia" in your home. It's a great way to get people thinking about the adjustments we all are going to have to make as the worldwide demand for energy soars.

online previews
 is a
web site where surplus or outdated inventory and excess possessions can be listed for donation to charities and nonprofits,
or to businesses and individuals for reuse, recycling and




Sarah Susanka's Not So Big House website

Creating the Not So Big House: Insights and Ideas for the New American Home


 Healthy Home Designs has excellent architectural plans and articles



See your Senators and members in the House of Representatives scorecard on their environmental voting records. (Moran, Morella, Mikulski and Sarbanes all did well; some of the others, not so good!)

You can email your representatives.

Carbon dioxide equivalent for producing (grams of CO2 equivalent per kg. of product):

beef (tenderloin-retail) 68,000

oats 570

potatoes (retail) 220

carrots (retail) 120

The Climate Diet by Jonathan Harrington (2008)  p. 174

vegetarian resources

The Washington DC Green Festival has been held the last 2 years in September, featuring lots of fascinating displays, great food and music. Be sure not to miss it this year!

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Earth Talk: Gardening without Chemicals

more Earth Talk

New Dream



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"Carbon Neutral"? 

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