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Local organizations, recycling drop off information, etc.

New American Dream - More of What Really Matters




Great new group: - check out the discounts on organic groceries, yoga classes, vegan clothing, and a great discount for new Zipcar memberships.

shop for select green products

Area Home Energy Auditors

Arlingtonians can take the "Green Living Challenge".

Arlington Initiative to Reduce Emissions (AIRE)

2005 Toyota Prius

Hybrid cars

Transportation resources for the area (includes mass transit, Zipcar etc.)

ENERGY STAR Appliances:

Ceiling fans

Clothes washers, energy efficient

 Clothes washers, state of the art


Programmable thermostats


image courtesy Future Forests

Farmers markets

Local Food Co-ops

Eating more vegetarian meals helps the environment.


Architects, earth friendly

Amicus Green (Kensington, MD)

eco-green LIVING (Washington, DC)


Environmental resources for congregations

Nonprofit groups in the area, including environmental groups

   Recycled paper (buying in the DC area)










Solar power resources:

A recent survey conducted by the Davis Energy Group found that 67 percent of recent homebuyers likely would have paid $8,000 more for their new house if it generated 40 percent of its own electricity.

Area solar contractors

Solar Tour of homes in the area

More from the DC Tour of Solar Homes and Buildings

Solar Decathlon 2007 on the National Mall

Solar Decathlon 2005   




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