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 Environmentally Friendly Products


We're now seeing that the availability of energy and other resources isn't something we can take for granted. Maybe one of the most patriotic things we can do is reduce our energy and resource use. Here's some ideas:


Compact fluorescent light bulbs use much less electricity that regular bulbs. They also generate a lot less heat, so they reduce your cooling costs in the summer.


Insulating jacket for your water heater - wraps around the water heater and reduces energy usage; simple to install.


A thermostat with a timer - can greatly reduce energy use when your not home or at night, then bring temperature back to normal a little before you get home or wake up.


An attic fan can pull hot air out of your attic in the summer to reduce cooling costs. Some have thermostats to turn themselves on and off, some are passive and turn with the wind.


A compact countertop dishwasher can cost as little as $12.40 per year to run.


Timers can turn off lights when not needed.


Low flow sink and shower faucets can save 8,000 gallons on water per person per year.


Door draft stoppers that you put on the floor at the bottom of a door or on a window sill can keep a lot of cold air out.


Combination clothes washer and dryer. You put your clothes in and it does both washing and drying without you needing to transfer your clothes a separate dryer. Can use up to 23% less detergent.


Silent refrigerators use helium and ammonia instead of fluorocarbons. Not only do they use a lot less electricity, they don't make the noise of a regular refrigerator with a compressor. Right now, they are pretty small units (about two feet high).











Environmentally friendly shopping list for the grocery store