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Women in the DC area that are Making a Difference

Do you ever think that Congress and the President just aren't able to solve the problems that we need to face? Does it seem like we may face conflict and war forever?

It sometimes seems that things will just continue to get worse. But there are people who are rolling up there sleeves and using their abilities to make the world better. And so often, it's women who are stepping up, creating new types of businesses, helping those in need, and helping us remember that, whatever your spiritual tradition, we are called to be kind and compassionate.

In the DC area, we are fortunate to have these women setting an example for others:

You might think with Whole Foods market so well established, it would be impossible for a new store to open and compete with them. But that's not the case. In McLean, VA, Denise Rodruiguez started Salud, a natural food store. By focusing on the needs of customers with special concerns, such as a gluten free, GMO-free, or vegan diet, Salud fills a very important niche.

Karen Sherwood bought Kennedy's Natural Foods in Falls Church. She opened a brand new natural food store in McLean. Both are now called Nourish Market. They specialize in healthy foods prepared daily, using organic and locally sourced ingredients. They offer classes on a range of topics to help us all lead healthier lives.

There's a new trend in living a healthy lifestyle: cleansing juices. And to meet that demand, Amy Waldman started Puree in Bethesda. They offer fresh organic juices that are popular for cleanses. Plus it's a fun place to hang out.

The DC area is fortunate to have dozens of yoga studios, and most of them are run by women. Often, a women finds that yoga helps her build strength, flexibility, stamina, and overall well being. Then she wants to share that with others, and starts her own studio. There really is an element of the Golden Rule in this way of thinking; someone finds something that helps them, and they want to share it with others.

Joelle Novey feels that a central part of our spirital life is a caring for God's Creation. She is the director of Maryland and greater Washington Power and Light. The group helps congregations go green, including help with buying clean power and installing solar power.

Allie Phillips is a DC area lawyer that uses the power of the legal system to help animals. She teaches law enforcement officers around the country about animal abuse, particularly as is relates to domestic violence. She is also an author, and is an expert on animal abuse issues.

Women so often seem to be wired for compassion. That's exactly what we need right now to solve often complex problems in a world that is so quick to anger. We all need to support them in this. And, to women who have thought about a career path based on helping others... what could be more rewarding?

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