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After Dr. Oz had an excellent guest physician named Kulreet Chaudhary, who talked about the wonderful benefits of incorporating a few auyuvedic foods into ours diets, I had a craving for a curry based sandwich.

A great staple sandwich is organic tempeh strips on millet bread. I use Turtle Island Coconut Curry Marinated Strips . The company's other varieties might cause MSG type problems because they contain soy sauce. I actually rinse them off because this sauce you'll be making tastes so much better.

Here's a good sauce to top the sandwich with.

This uses Aurora Creations Aloo Gobi spices for the basis of the flavor. It's a great curry flavor, but expensive. So you can just use a little bit; mix it with a spoonful of Follow Your Heart Organic Vegenaise. Make sure to get the organic variety. Any product with soy could be made using hexane, or use genetically modified soybeans. So you want organic to avoid these things.

The veganaise is good, but pretty bland by itself. The two ingredients together are yummy.

I add a little olive oil, garlic powder, and fresh ground black pepper, for a little more flavor. If you want to make it more economical, try using half curry powder from the bulk section at Mom's Organic Market with half Aurora Creations curry.

Add a tiny bit of spring water to get the curry to mix with the other ingredients.

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