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Ceiling Fans





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You can save up to  $100 per year with an easy to install programmable thermostat.

Ceiling fans can reduce your energy by making you feel cooler. A general rule of thumb is that you should be able to set your thermostat 2 degrees higher in warm weather months because you feel cooler. Hunter, one of the larger manufacturers, says that ceiling fans can reduce air conditioning bills by up to 40%. During the winter, by running the fan in the opposite direction and circulating warm air normally trapped at the ceiling, can reduce heating bills by up to 10%.

A ceiling fan also can add a distinctive touch to a room. Many builders are installing ceiling fans in every bedroom and living area in new homes. There are an amazing variety of fans available now, from traditional designs to modern to styles for children's rooms.

One place where a fan can really add comfort is in a bedroom. You may be able to even eliminate the use of an air conditioner at night. But it's good to get a good quality fan that's quiet. A larger fan, such as a 52" model, is able to move more air at a slower speed, and is therefore quieter.

A ceiling fan can make you feel as much as 5 degrees cooler.

Newer fans are available with nice convenience features such as remote control including dimming the built in light.

The EPA has established criteria for ceiling fans in it's ENERGY STAR program. Look for the ENERGY STAR logo on the package. Choosing an ENERGY STAR fan might reduce the amount of electricity used in a year from about 300 kWh/year to around 120 kWh/year.














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