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Saturn has introduced a hybrid version of the Aura sedan. This is expected in 2007. The suggested price is $22,695. That price includes delivery and handling fees. EPA mileage ratings are 28 city / 35 highway. Buyers of this car may qualify for a tax credit of $1,300.

a saturn Aura... a hybrid version has also been introduced

a Saturn Aura at the auto show

It's uses a hybrid drive train similar to that used in the Saturn VUE hybrid. That uses a 2.4 liter Ecotec four cylinder engine. Power is rated at 164 HP. A four speed automatic transmission is used.

This setup does not give the phenomenal, 40-50 mpg, gas mileage figures of hybrid with a more sophisticated design. However, it has a lower premium over a non-hybrid version. In the case of the Saturn VUE, the hybrid version may pay for itself faster than better known cars like the Prius.

It's encouraging to see GM bring out additional hybrid models with relatively low price tags. And Saturn is probably the perfect line to do it with. Saturn is known for having no haggle pricing. All dealers are supposed to charge the same price for each model. Some people are probably turned off when they hear stories of popular hybrids being marked up way over list price at dealers. This shouldn't happen with Saturns.

While this model may not be quite as popular as Toyota or Honda  hybrids with environmentalists, the more hybrids on the road, the better.







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