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Free Green offers free, downloadable house plans that are green designs. These plans might cost hundreds or thousands of dollars is you obtained them elsewhere. Files might be around 30 MB, so either use a computer with a fast connection or plan for a long download.

These designers and architects stand out for their environmentally oriented approach.

When selecting a lot, if you ever plan to add solar water heating or electricity, a lot that faces north will allow you to have solar panels on the back of the house. Some people prefer panels that are not visible from the street.


American Gardenhome Architects

Brennan + Company Architects
Arlington, VA

 e*virons, inc.
Springfield, VA

Furbish Company
Baltimore, MD

Lorena Checa Associates
Takoma Park, MD

TerraLogos eco architecture
Baltimore, MD




Researcher Kamal Meattle shows how an arrangement of three common houseplants, used in specific spots in a home or office building, can result in measurably cleaner indoor air.





















Architecture for Humanity DC

GreenHOME demonstrates and promotes affordable, sustainable design, construction, and landscape practices for homes and communities throughout the Washington, DC area.

ENERGY STAR Partner Builders

Excellent article on "The Near Zero-Energy House" from Solar Today magazine.





Amicus Green Building Center

alterEgo showroom in Baltimore

also:  DC area solar contractors

The bookstore in the National Building Museum is DC has one of the best selections of books on green architecture.

Check out the award winning custom modular homes from Resolution:4 Architecture


May my house be in harmony: from my head, may it be happy: to my feet, may it be happy; Where I lie, may it be happy; all above me, may it be happy; all around me, may it be happy.

Navajo Blessing




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