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About the Toyota Alphard Hybrid Van



In 2003, Toyota brought out the Alphard Hybrid van for sale in Japan. It uses a 2.4 liter, four cylinder engine, a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and 4WD, similar to the Toyota Estima Hybrid van introduced in 2001 in Japan.

Like the Estima, the Alphard Hybrid uses two electrical motors, one in the front mated to the engine and transmission, and a second in the rear driving the rear wheels. This design may offer an advantage over conventional 4WD systems, which have all wheels directly coupled, with the resulting complexity, and wear and tear issues.

The hybrid battery used has greater output than previous hybrid batteries.

A first is a two way air conditioner with it's own motor. It can be driven by the engine or drive itself when the engine has shut off at a stoplight.

 The Alphard Hybrid provides 1,500 watts of AC electrical power for home appliances.


Features available on some models include:

DVD voice navigation system

 Blind Corner Monitor

Back Guide Monitor with color camera

Radar Cruise Control

 lane-monitoring system (warns the driver if he drifts t0o close to the next lane)

Another example that the Japanese ALWAYS get to play with the cool toys first;)


























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