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The 2010 Prius is totally redesigned. It's expected in May 2009.

Update: It looks like Toyota removed all the Youtube videos that were on these pages showing the features of the Prius; so you'll just see blank spaces where the videos originally were. Sorry.

Toyota has been putting a lot of effort into making the Prius one of the stars in their lineup. It's totally redesigned for the 2010 model year. With Honda's new Insight hybrid trying to take a piece of sales from the Prius, Toyota has really made their new Prius a great car to try to compete with. The new Prius has incredibly advanced safety and security features, many similar to what you might find on the Lexus line.

Toyota lets you choose a basic, great mileage car, or one with very innovative options. Their Multi-Information Display gives a readout with a lot of information that is unique to a hybrid vehicle.

The Prius has evolved into a very sophisticated hybrid. It now has 4 different drive modes, so the driver can emphasize economy, or go for a more sporty experience.  The navigation system helps you get to your destination more safely and with less stress. The Smart Key was a trend introduced on earlier Priuses, and is now common on luxury models from Lexus and other companies. The buyer can choose from a basic or advanced audio system.

Honda brought out the new Insight hybrid in April 2009, so Toyota is following suit with a mid-year introduction of the new Prius. Since the Insight is targeted at an under $20,000 starting price, Toyota is offering stripped down Priuses to compete with these inexpensive Hondas. Or you can get a really loaded Prius. All in all, it's a really good market for the hybrid consumer.





















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