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2008 Ford Escape Hybrid

Update: The Escape Hybrid has been discontinued. However, these were great vehicles. You might consider looking for a used one. The second generation models started with the 2008 model year. These are improved in several ways over the first generation Escpae Hybrids. You can search for used Escape Hybrids at websites for area Ford dealers.

Ford has introduced a newly restyled Escape Hybrid for the 2008 model year.

It uses the same 2.3 liter engine as before. So it's mainly cosmetic restyling. However, Ford will upgrade the software to make a more seamless transition between the electric motor and the gas engine.

Ford is also focusing on safety. Side impact air bags are now standard.

There is also an emphasis on quietness. Fifty percent thicker carpet in the interior cabin and the use of all-new acoustic glass are used to reduce noise in the cabin.

The in dash display has been upgraded. It uses a touch screen and the navigation unit is significantly improved, and is now DVD based.

The 2008 Escape Hybrid has seating surfaces made from 100 percent post-industrial materials, supplied by InterfaceFABRIC, Inc. This is a feature that will likely be very common in a few years.

Cosmetically, the 2008 is styled more like the larger Ford trucks. The chrome grill gives a more assertive look. Wheels are 16-inch aluminum.

As before, the Escape Hybrid will be available as either an all wheel drive or front wheel drive SUV.

Ford has made an already nice hybrid SUV even better.












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