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This new idea will plant billions of tree seedlings using drones.

Here's a way to increase the number of bees, that pollinate our food crops. NRDC says we stand to lose as much as $15 billion in agricultral crops if bees disappear. Who would have thought the thing that might save the entire agricultral system is ... flowers? You can buy these little "seedles" for as little as about $9.00; you just throw them where you want wildflower, and nature does the rest. This would make a great project for schools, scouts or churches.


Farmers markets are opening back up.  

find this bulb at Home Depot (price has been reduced)    4 pack

Toyota is expected to begin selling a fuel cell vehicle in 2015. This is zero polluting, fueled by compressed hydrogen, refuels in a few minutes and has a range of about 300 miles. The price in Japan is about $69,000, so that gives us a ballpark price for the US. California has a small network of refueling stations, so this is a logical place for initial sales.

Switching to clean electric power is quick and easy. If you live in DC or MD, you can switch through Ethical Electical. If you live in VA, you can switch at Dominion Green Power.

The Solar Tour of Homes is a great way to see homes that have added solar power, and talk to the homowners. in the Fall

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